Payment solutions for Fintech

Provide to your customers cutting edge payment solutions.
We can help you build your own payment product and put it on a market.

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Cooperation models

  • White label

    White label

    A model for fintechs who want to issue payment products based on their own license. We provide full support for the process of obtaining a payment organization license and to develop complete solution for issuing and processing.

  • Bin sponsoring

    Full BIN Sponsoringa

    A model for fintechs who want to implement their own solutions, based on our license. We provide registration as an associate member in payment organizations and issuing cards and payment instruments in accordance with all regulations.

  • Cobrand model

    Cobrand model

    A model for those fintechs who want to use our ready tu use E2E product. This easy and quick solution for issuing payment instrument to the market. We provide full integration with API.

Project timeline

Before we start our technical part of the project it is important to discuss the business case and decide on model that suites you best. You have an idea but need information to learn about card products?
Contact us and we will help you choose the best card solution based on your technical possibilities and formal environment. After business case and project scope is ready we sign up Letter of Intent and start the project implementation immediately. All of our solutions are live and ready to market. Our dedicated team is here to support you during the implementation process.

  • 01. Project scope

    We set the goals and timeline for our project, you will get ready to accept document with all the details.
  • 02. Network connection

    We are setting network connection with you and all additional parties including payment organizations
  • 03. Test environment

    On our test environment we will check all the settings and connections to make sure that our solution will work as intended.
  • 04. API integration

    We will integrate with you API to make sure that customers will have smooth and transparent payment process.
  • 05. Tests

    Final phase of inside tests, including connections, development, web portal, application tests.
  • 06. Family and friends phase

    When product is ready to launch we will set a pilot phase for family and friends. On smaller scope is easier to set necessary tweaks and changes before final launch.
  • 07. Product launch

    Final launch of our payment product to market.

Odkryj nasze zalety

E2E product
Custom made
Fully licensed
Inhouse transaction
Value added
Full BIN

Complete and ready to use payment solution for your Business.

card issuing, product lifecycle, compliance management

Our Fintech Only dedicated team, will help you develop most suitable solution

consulting, development, processing and issuing, license management, customer service

We have all payment licenses and certificates. Our solution is 100% compliant with all the regulations.

National Payment Institution, Visa Principal, 3DS Service provider ACS, PCI DSS

We are processing all the transactions in our own systems, so we don’t have to use any third-party solutions.

Authentication, Tokenization, Online Gateway, 3D Secure, Fraud Detection System

We can provide additional solutions and touch points with your customers.

white label web service, atm network, pos network, eCommerce solutions, contact center

We can issue products based on our own license.

Payment solutions and card issuing

We provide outsourcing services in the processing and handling of payments in online internet transactions, ATMs, cash deposit machines, payment terminals, payment applications, payment cards, 3D Secure authorizations, Dynamic Currency Change and mobile applications.

  • Payment scheme

  • Innovations and product

  • Issuing and origination

  • Cards and PIN management

  • Authorization and PIN

  • Transitions, dispute
    and reporting

  • Card lifecycle and mobile

  • Scheme licence management

    VISA BIN Sponsorship

    Planet Pay is National Payment Institution and Principal Member in VISA, we can issue cards for you based on our licenses.

    VISA Principal

    Possibility of register you as an associate under our BIN Sponsor license, which makes you the card issuer in Payment Organization scheme, this step will require your own license from local regulator (MIP, KIP, EMI).

    Mastercard Principal
    Scheme project and setup

    We run complex project in Payment Organization for card issuing, processing, tokenization.

    Scheme project implementation
    Consultancy services

    Scheme endpoints

    VISA EAS, Mastercard MIP
    Core system
    Planet Cash ATM network

    Our ATM network with over 4000 devices. We ofer Cash withdrawal and deposit for your customers.

    Planet Pay POS network and payment gateway

    Our POS network with over 100 000 terminals and payment gateway with full eCommerce integration.

  • Cards management

    Cards product desing
    Cards fees and commisions
    Sales and marketing
    Sales channels
    Cards Management and Maintenance
    Cards Information Center

    Front-end module for contact center consultants and back office.


    Fintech Only Dedicated Team
    Cards MYP implementation
    Dedicated custom API

    Integration by our API for user, card, PIN and account set up and management as well as for tokenization and authorization process.

    New features Sales channels development
    Cards to market strategy
    Strategic and Innovation Committee
    Custom integration method

    We are able to integrate with Fintech systems in custom way.

  • Application and master data

    Application management
    Customer management
    Cards data management and personalization
    Risk strategy


    Management and card production workflow, data processing
    Activation methods
    MDES, VTS and 3D Secure tokenization
    Cards instant issuing
    Virtual and physical cards issuing
    Closed circuit card issuing
    Debit, credit, prepaid card issuing
  • Fulfilment

    Personalization process management
    Stock management
    Cards distribution
    Card carriers
    Issuing methods management
    Renewal management
    Card design validation

    PIN and Security

    PIN generation
    PIN validation
    PIN distribution - print and app.
    PIN change - app. and ATM
    Key management
  • Authorization, routing and processing

    Authorization, processing and authentication
    Authorization rules
    Cash withdrawal and deposit, PIN change, balance
    Purchase, DCC, Reversal, Moto, Cashback, Preauth.

    Possibility of integration for authorization process by ISO8583 protocol.

    Risk management

    Fraud Detection System
    Real time transaction monitoring
    Fraud prevention
    3D Secure
    Behavioral biometrics
    RBA, OTP and PSD2 and risk thresholds
  • Transaction processing

    Real time processing
    Clearing file BLIK preparation
    Scheme settlement
    Transactions data management
    Error handling
    Automatic Reconciliation
    Ecommerce transaction processing

    Dispute and Reports

    Transaction Data Repository
    Chargeback and reimbursement processing
    Claims investigation
    Reports dashboard
    Obligatory reports: PSD2, Visa, Mastercard
    Custom reports
    Other reports
  • Lifecycle

    Activation, block, unblock, temp block
    Card management WEB portal

    Dedicated portal in white label for cardholders.

    Cards renewal and replacement
    3DS Activation
    Token lifecycle
    24/7 customer support


    Apple Pay, Google Pay
    Whitelabel mobile app
    Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay
and Planet Pay

Meet Fintech LAB team

Our Fintech team is available to you to discuss our complete card issuing chain of values for fintech’s  and banks. Including card issuing implementation, personalization, tokenization, card management, transaction processing, and BIN sponsorship through our National Payment Institution.

  • Weronika Chrzanowska-Ziółkowska

    Weronika Chrzanowska-Ziółkowska

    Ikona LinkedIn

    Head of Fintech Solutions
    Fintech Sector Business Market Development

    Experienced product manager with a significant experience in E2E payment solutions for banks.

    Weronika is an experienced product manager with a significant experience in E2E payment solutions for banks. After 6 years of working mostly in cards-oriented projects, including migrations, 3D Secure and transaction processing, she focused on fintech industry and become a Head of our fintech team. She has a lot of experience in working with payments organizations as well as banks and customers.

  • Anna Jasiak

    Anna Jasiak

    Ikona LinkedIn

    Administration Manager
    Fintech Sector Business Market Development

    Ania works in banks and card industry for almost 10 years. She is working in ITCARD for 2,5 years.

    Ania works in banks and card industry for almost 10 years. She is working in ITCARD for 2,5 years, and her works are mostly focused on cards products. Ania with her card industry experience and good administrations skills is a valuable asset for our fintech team.

  • Igor Skriabin

    Igor Skriabin

    Head of Product
    Card Product Management & Development

    Igor is our Head of Card Product. He is very experienced in area of cards and product development.

    Igor is our Head of Card Product. He is very experienced in area of cards and product development. Igor is working in ITCARD for over 10 years, successfully developing a lot of card related products and solutions for our customers. Igor’s great technical knowledge and good management skills are a must have in advanced fast paced projects

  • Gabriela Wójcik

    Gabriela Wójcik

    Ikona LinkedIn

    Junior Fintech
    Development Specialist

    Gabriela is working in ITCARD for four years. She is responsible for customer support and administration matters.

    Gabriela is working in ITCARD for four years. She was involved in the KIP licence extension project by Planet Pay. In the FinTech team she is responsible for customer support and administration matters.